The Universal ACCST is a firmware that can be installed on many FrSky ACCST (D16) receivers. We are working on making the firmware available for more ACCST receivers. The target was quite simple in the beginning. We wanted to develop a more user-friendly ACCST firmware that would fix existing bugs in the FrSky firmware and allow us to continue to distribute the ACCST receivers in the long term, even if FrSky should discontinue distribution. Corresponding agreements have been made with FrSky. The hardware production will continue to be done by FrSky. We are therefore not working against FrSky, but in consultation with it!

This new firmware has the advantage that it is much more comprehensive than the FrSky firmware. It recognises whether the transmitter is transmitting with V1 or V2 firmware or with LBT or FCC. This means that the Universal ACCST combines 4 firmwares in one. Your transmitter can be FCC or EU and V1 or V2 and still the Universal ACCST firmware will just work.

Is that all?

No, we have dealt with every problem known to us at ACCST. And we did so regardless of how infrequently it occurred. The result is a firmware that simply works, and works VERY well.

A few highlights:

  • The "Tuning" function was added to optimally tune the receiver to the transmitter. The result is a much more stable transmission system.
  • To better monitor transmission quality, the VFR (Valid Frame Rate) value is transmitted to the transmitter via telemetry and can be displayed on the normal telemetry display.
  • The so-called close-range problem, i.e. the problem of "overdriving" the receiver has been solved. So no more error message in the close range "Telemetry lost, telemetry restored".
  • Eliminate the risk of a failsafe at close range when transmitter and receiver are very close to each other.
  • Rare telemetry data errors (unrealistic values) with weak RF quality have been eliminated.
  • A new function for double binding (two transmitters) has been added.
  • Protection against flashing an incorrect firmware version to the receiver.
  • Switching from SBUS to PWM via script. The SBUS output of a receiver can be set to PWM in a setting script. Thus, for example, a 6-channel receiver can be extended to 7 PWM channels.
  • Extended telemetry. You can read out further telemetry values via a telemetry script. For example, the firmware version of the receiver or CRC errors, etc.

How can I flash the firmware to my receiver?

The Universal ACCST firmware has a special protection procedure to prevent clone manufacturers from using the firmware. This means, however, that your receiver must be sent to us once so that the "mother firmware" can be flashed.

Please use our service form for the submission.

The following costs arise for you here:

Update of a receiver 9,95 EUR/fixed price
Each additional receiver 5,00 EUR/fixed price

The prices do not include shipping costs.

  • Calculation example for 3 receivers:

    1x Receiver X8R 9,95 EUR
    2x receiver X4R each 5,00 EUR

    Total amount 19,95 EUR plus shipping costs.

Any later updates can then be downloaded from the Internet and installed by the user.

New receivers that are explicitly advertised with the "UNIVERSAL ACCST firmware" already have the "mother firmware" installed.

If, contrary to expectations, you want to flash back to the FrSky firmware, this is possible at any time.

Currently the Uni-ACCST firmware is available for the following FrSky receivers:

  • X4R
  • X4R-SB
  • X6R
  • X8R
  • RX8R
  • RX8R-pro

For further information, please refer to the German manual, which you can download here.: Manual

You will find the suitable LUA scripts and any firmware updates in our download page.

We say MANY THANKS to all the voters!


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