SPAD XIII 1:4 Super Kit wingspan 2,00 m

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Super Kit:

The original of the SPAD XIII C-1 is a French construction. The aircraft was designed as a hunting biplane and was one of the most powerful fighter types. The first flight took place on 4 April 1917.

The model is kept in scale 1/4 and thus a true scale large model. The SPAD XIII C-1 kit is designed for Scale modelers who are looking for a high-quality and sophisticated design for a good price / performance ratio. In doing so, the modelers can choose which individual contribution he wants to make in the construction of the model by selecting from different kit variants. Optional accessory kits offer matched additional accessories which makes the completion of the model easier.

General features and information:

  • Computer-generated kits, using 3D software.
  • 99% real scale model fidelity.
  • It was designed reproducing many real details that can be developed by scale builder himself.
  • Developed Kits for several skill level scale builders, from beginners to professionals, with a medium flight level capacity.
  • Top quality materials used. Balsa wood, poplar, beech wood, light plywood, pine, etc.
  • All needed metal parts are available. More than 200 pieces in steel sheet, fully laser cut. (Included in the Super Kit, optional in the Basic Kit)
  • Approximately 700 wood parts, on several densities, fully precision CNC milled cut.
  • Lightened parts in order to achieve reduced weight, keeping a good structural resistance.
  • Accurate matched parts, one with each other, that require minimal adjustments, without possibility of making assembly mistakes.
  • They are not necessary precision tools for built and align the different model parts. Its developed construction system, allow you, to build the model easily with accuracy and a quick built process.
  • Rough construction time for 4/5 months, from unpacking to first flight (without scale details and finish deco), considering an average of 15 weekly hours, for a builder with a medium skill.
  • Easy and quick building system characterised by the use of tongued-and-groove type connection system between involved parts. Full size planes are not required.
  • Step-by-step assembling instructions, with many images and schemes.
  • Designed for many transport requirements. It can be disassembled in several main parts, for example in fuselage, half wings, coupled wings, tail, main gear, and so on.
  • Designed with large access doors, as similar as possible to real thing, to get easy access to electronics, tanks and periodic maintenance.
  • Pre-located servo installation system and electronics, easily adaptable to builder preferences.
  • Quickly assembly time in airfield. 30 minutes estimated if a minimum of transportation room is available in your car (sport wagon car type). In that case, it´s only necessary assemble the coupled wings into its wing spars, tighting central turnbuckles and go on to flight!!
  • Several kit options are available for fitting builder construction preferences.
  • Several customized scale options are available.
  • Designed, made, built and flight prototype, before being placed on the market.
  • Very good flight performances.
  • Made in Spain, by scale builders for scale builders.


  • Assembly instructions of every part, step-by-step, with images and schemes
  • Large base templates for auto alignment and quick assembly of fuselage, wings, empennage and so on
  • Approximately 140 pieces in balsa wood of several thicknesses for light ribs and bulkheads
  • Approximately 470 pieces in light plywood, of several thicknesses, for medium resistance parts
  • Approximately 75 pieces in medium poplar plywood, internally lightened for achieve good stiffness/weight rapport
  • Leading and rear edges CNC cut machined (20 pieces approximately)
  • Firewall in birch plywood 9 mm thickness
  • Plan 1:1 for elaboration of struts, elaboration of tail skate, elaboration of both side landing gears, elaboration of windshield, elaboration of full assembly template, elaboration of horns and special pieces, elaboration of steel small parts
  • Fully CNC cut bulkheads and ribs. More than 740 linear meters of CNC cutting and more than 715 lightened parts for minimal up-all weight
  • CD including support pictures in order to help whole building and scale details
  • Bill of materials on supplied parts and check list
  • Steel sheet of 1x500x1000 mm, with proximately 220 steel laser cut parts, referring all the hinges necessaries into scale model, including indications for bending angles
  • Wooden balsa sheets of 2x100x1000mm for cover wings, empennage, fuselage, cap strips, etc.
  • Balsa wood strips, in several thicknesses, for spars and leading/trailing edges, empennage, control surfaces, etc. (12 units proximately)
  • Structural hard wood strips of 20x30x500 mm for main landing gear support (2 pcs..)
  • Samba/beech wood strips for wings main spars (24 pcs. approximately)
  • Samba/pine strips of 5x5 and 3x3 mm, for external fuselage shape. (23 pcs. approximately)
  • Samba wood strips of 30 x10 for made cabana and wings struts. (32 pcs. approximately)
  • Lightened 2mm Plywood for fuselage cockpit cover
  • Wing spars for wings, 12 mm diameter, 1.200mm length (3 pcs.)
  • Main gear composed by 4 CNC cut sides of poplar 5 mm wood, 2 steel rods of 6mm, 1 steel rod of 8 mm, 4 threaded rods of 4mm
  • Tail skate in samba wood of 20x30x100 mm + 1:1 plane
  • Samba wood strips of 10x12.5x200mm + 1:1 plane for made scale exhaust pipe
  • Vickers machine gun kit (2 pcs.)
  • Clear acetate for windshield manufacture
  • Double position (normal/inverted) assembly mount support
  • Bill of materials on supplied parts and check list
  • CD including support pictures in order to help whole building and scale details

Not included are accessories such as covering material, coatings, tensioning and linking cables, turnbuckles, screws, RC equipment and the drive. For this purpose, we offer various specially designed accessory sets optional

Specifications: Model: SPAD XIII- C.1 Scale: 1/4 real.

Upper Wingspan: 2.010 mm Bottom Wingspan: 2.010 mm Mean Aerodynamic Chord: 390 mm Lenght (Without propeller): 1580 mm Height (Without wheels): 590 mm Wing Surface: (Both wings): 156,78 dm² Total Surface: 197,17 dm² Weight Without Scale Details): from ~12,5 kg Surface load: from 63,4 g/ m²

Equipment: Engine: Between 45 cc to 80 cc petrol engine For example: ZDZ 56RV-J (planned) Fuel tank: 500 ml or larger

Servos: -Gas and Choke: 2 x Power HD Digital LF-13 (13 Kg/cm) -Elevator: 1 x Power HD Digital HV D-30HV (30 Kg/cm) -Rudder: 1 x Power HD Digital HV D-30HV (30 Kg/cm) -Aileron: 2 x MKS Digital Servo HV 747H laid (13 Kg/cm)

Radio: Minimum: 4 channels. Recommended: 8 channels (for example FrSky HORUS X10)

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